Cancer Treatment through Artificial Intelligence

Cancer Treatment Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI), also termed Machine Intelligence has started covering a wide range of market in terms of solutions and services compared to natural intelligence. Have you thought how could AI contribute to Cancer Treatment? Well, if your answer is no, let me share some mind blowing technologies and companies associated to it.

Cleveland Clinic, considered one of the world top hospitals by U.S news and World report, combines AI and NI. They use medical imaging data for reaching clinical risk factors for each patient individually. Precision Medical Imaging is a part of AI that help the doctors analyse the problem at the root core and direct towards more targeted, personalized and predictive solutions. Cleveland has a variety of Cancer treatment like Amyloidosis, Lung cancer, Gynaecologic Oncology, etc. The graphical method of processing biological information into complex networks leading to numerical calculations and characterization is done at this clinic. With the expert physicians and technical team working on the patients’ data, they incorporate huge analytical processing to validate their tests, previous observations, new predictable outcomes and the ways to nullify the future threats. There are many competitive organizations in the world who assist largely in the field of healthcare with their high end analytic equipment and technologies.

One such is Tempus. Tempus with the help of AI and its data driven decisions, make real time diagnostic distinctive solution sets for patients and facilitate discovery, delivery of personalized patient care on their genetic and clinical data through their highly robotic next generation sequencing lab that capture patient’s tumour at the molecular level. Their bio informatics and varied classification, advanced level algorithms provide comprehensive decision analysis that validates the physicians’ structured clinical timely data. They also connect the physicians to access real world evidence of similar patients to analyse associated treatment and outcome data.

We are about to land to a world where there will be no precision medicine without Artificial Intelligence. AI is broadly divided into three stages: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). ANI shall be predominant in the coming decades where drawing medical solutions from the data sets will replace the physicians job at the initial level diagnosis.

This approach allows doctors and physicians to study and plan prevention strategies for the invariability in environment, genes and lifestyle of the patients. The significant computing power of these algorithms must be self-demonstrating at an unprecedented rate i.e. deep learning. Combining the deep learning system’s prediction with the natural intelligence increases the success rate.

Process automation is one of the key business of 3scan, an eminent existence in the field of biotechnology. Their automated tissue imaging analysis have a four step analysis which cuts down the slicing of tissue for analysis in real world, hence cost cutting and more precise results with negligible human error. Their proprietary software #KESM produces digital 3D tissue models at 400 times micron-scale resolution. These image analysis are done for #pathology #oncology which involves machine learning with an aim to abolish the 2D digital analysis.

These organizations are working collectively to mould the future science and the way the biotechnology will be constructed depends on the aggressive incorporation of the AI into every field. What was left into in the earlier days in terms of predictability, precision, technology, opportunity and accountability, now shall be covered in the nearing decades with data and informatics at our fingertips. We as students are excited to get the benefits of these new discoveries.

Shreya Malakar 

PGDM Batch 2019-2021

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