Career Opportunities in the HR Domain

Every company is unique. Every company is different. Every company has its own unique culture. This culture gives the company its identity. An HR is entrusted with a job to maintain and promote this culture among employees. If you're a person who is good with people, has a knack of organizing things and an eye for detail, HR could be the right profession for you.

There are several opportunities in the HR domain. This article views some of the positions that promise an exciting future.

HR consultant

An HR consultant ensures that the organization's employees are working towards the organization's best interest. They are also responsible for ensuring that the workforce is working at optimum efficiency and the highest level of productivity. An HR consultant acts as an internal consultant by studying the company's current HR programs, analyzing problems and providing solutions. They also provide management with advice regarding HR policies, programs, and procedures. They check if the company's programs and policies are following state/federal regulations and constantly develop and revise HR policies and programs.

Training and development manager

As the name suggests a training and development manager provides and arranges training programs for the development of human resources. They also study the need for training and development programs. They have to make sure that training and development programs are aligned with the company's strategic objectives. They have to provide training and development programs that make the best of available resources. They must also edit and update training programs to make sure they are relevant according to the present time.

HR entrepreneur

An HR entrepreneur is a purpose-led job. He assumes more risk than the ordinary HR employee. He walks shoulder to shoulder with every person in the organization, which means an HR entrepreneur should have non-HR business knowledge. He should have a good understanding of operational activity. The most important aspect that an HR entrepreneur needs to understand is the environment and the market within which the business operates.

Human resources IT specialist

With time things have been advancing, changing and modifying and this is one such modification brought about by time. Any person with a bent for IT and a good amount of knowledge of HR can get into this field. HR IT experts are software developers, IT architects, and system administrators. HR IT personnel’s knowledge could be applied to develop software that helps the HR department of a company. This profile plays a crucial role in supporting the HR team by facilitating them with technology that increases their efficiency.

One of the most important resources an organization has at its disposal is humans and it must be managed properly to make sure that the organization performs at maximum efficiency. If you possess good interpersonal skill this is could be a very good career for you.

Debojyoti Saha
Asst. General Manager
Head - Marketing and Admissions