Cyber Bullying

#What on Earth are you doing?

#You don’t look good.

#She ain’t pretty.

#My God! She is so damn fat.

#I think this dress makes you look worse!

#She looks like an aunty, etc etc …

Have you ever thought, how would you feel having someone commenting on you like this? These are such impudent and acidulous remarks. These comments apart from being mean and hurtful, are equally tormenting. The person who becomes a victim to such comments, can understand how difficult it is to face and dissolve all these. 

In a world of social media, where everything is widespread online, last week something struck me quite strongly and hence I landed up writing my blog Cyber bullying. Last week going through a meme on social media which read like “Jab hum kisika mazaak udaate hain toh, wo udd kar kaha jata hai? (When we poke fun at someone, where does the fun go?” To this, one of my friends replied and the reply was thought provoking. It said “Raat ko bistar par aansu ke roop mein beh jata hai” (The fun finds its place amidst the silent night and the uncontrollable tears).

Friends! Its time we wake up and realise what harm is cyber bullying doing to us and those around us. We all want to be praised and appreciated. But certain negativities are really affecting mankind and soiling the entire concept of humanity, love, benevolence and solicitude, in particular.  The entire concept of posting unkind and distressful statements constitutes cyber bullying. As per my observation, Cyber bullying has been on a constant rise and this thing needs to be scrutinized and addressed. The digital world has evolved enough and brought along with it the snags of it. Deriding anyone on the social media platform can create far reaching consequences and demands profound attention. 

Content on social media can go viral really fast among the masses within the wink of an eye. Most surprisingly, cyber bullying takes place anonymously in order to escape tracking. Presently, India is in the midst of social media revolution. In India, cyber bullying is most prevalent all around the country. The ubiquity of mobile phones and social media platforms have aggravated the entire scenario. 

I think it’s less about helping the victim of cyber bullying recover and more about abstaining our self from posting any kind of snide remarks. At our individual levels, we must realise that cyber bullying is a serious issue and must not be taken lightly. The initial stage requires realising the seriousness of the issue and then addressing it with due concern. Mocking in its exasperated form can take a huge toll on the minds of the victim. The effect of it looms large on the minds of the individual. Let’s join hands to enable everyone have a pleasant and delightful social media experience!

Kanchan Sharma

 PGDM Batch 2019-21

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