Cybercrime and its impact

Cyberspace is a global common place where data is shared within microseconds. The electromagnetic spectrum to store, modify and exchange data through networked systems and physical infrastructure which constitute electronic circuitry, fiber optic cables and silicon chips. Cyberspace refers to every environment where computers, network and even devices like ATM machine and cell phones are involved. According to Dr. Raju Narayan Swamy, (IAS) cyberspace is a fictional man made machine world. The two important factors influencing the behavior of an individual are anonymity and psuedonymity.  Anonymity refers to the phenomena where an individual is able to carry out transaction without revealing his identity while psuedonymity refers to concealing one’s own identity and taking up another identity to carry out the business.  

Cyber laws refer to legal issues that are meant to safeguard the open source internet which is not owned by anyone but used by everyone. The presence of cyber criminal makes the environment messy who try to disrupt the environment. India has its own jurisdiction under Ministry of Defence known as Defence Cyber Agency which meant to safeguard the netizens and significant organizations from unauthorized handlers. Though there are agencies and authorities to safeguard user’s privacy but one need to be a responsible netizens especially while handling social media. There have been various instances where user’s data have got leaked leading to security breach. The recent was cyber attack was through whatsapp which once acquired by the device makes the user data vulnerable. The contacts, image folders, messaging, account details, camera, personal data, etc could be accessed and manipulated. The most astonishing power that Pegasus had was that it had capacity to destroy itself once it was detected, making it impossible to be controlled. Millions of user’s privacy was jeopardized when Facebook database leaked nearly 500 million user data. Such cyber security breach is not only limited to individual but also organizations. In October 2019, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) witnessed a cyber attack which disrupted its operation. From these instances, one can conclude that the cybercriminals are vigorously trying to identify loopholes in the given dense network and gradually impacting privacy. Such actions can be termed as virtual terror attacks leading to vast leakage of confidential data.

As a responsible netizen and as a student of Calcutta Business School, I feel  it is crucial to monitor what we are sharing on the internet as well as our devices. One may say that being an ordinary citizen it is not important to pay heed to our virtual database. But it is incorrect!!! The advancement in technology can determine who we are, what we do and everything from our known people to our personal life. Hence, one must make sure of what we are posting and responsibly visit a webpage. Who knows the other link may turn out to be a virtual bait?

Shalini Singh 

PGDM Batch  2019-2021 

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