Green Purchase Behaviour

The inaudible siren of environmental concern has alarmed each one of us that the place we live in is in a dire condition. This is indeed a scary silence. The youth of this generation can actually take a step in this regard and adopt the “Green Purchase Behaviour”.

Juvenescence can actually mould the way people think and behave and thus the focus is on youngsters. Incorporating certain changes right in the initial stage can indeed create a significant difference. At the same time, the marketers and organizations are constantly working towards deploying new strategies and tactics to develop among the consumers “Green Purchase Behaviour”.

Green Purchase Behaviour minutely concentrates on the purchase of environmentally friendly products coupled with eschewing products that pose a threat to our environment. Environment friendly purchase is not merely confined to the use of paper and jute bags. It also covers within its ambit recycled and reusable items. Electrical products posing little or no threat to the environment also comes under the umbrella of green products. Any range of products that can help save the environment are counted as green product or environment saviour. 

Green purchase behaviour is mostly concerned with the buying intention. We are quite familiar with the concept that environment friendly products are  costlier compared to the other products. The objective is to impregnate in the minds of the people that despite being costly, the products would ultimately save all of us in a lot many ways. 

I, as a student of PGDM, believe that the rising environmental complexities have already threatened individuals. With the day to day invention of new products, the final goal is to develop the willingness to switch over to green products. What matters at the end is the reduction of carbon foot print. Schools, institutions, office, industries and households- every unit is striving towards rescuing the Mother Earth! All of us collectively can definitely create a ginormous effect.

Kanchan Sharma

Batch 2019-21

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