Homeless To Harvard

Liz Murray is a renowned American Motivational speaker whose journey to achieve this feat is utterly inspirational. Her life is showcased in the film titled “Homeless to Harvard”, which has shown how a homeless girl made it to the top university and changed her life. It is once again a true depiction that we are in charge of our own life. 

Life had been real harsh for poor Liz, as she was born in a poor family. Her mother was a drug addict and incapable of raising her children.  Her father was moved to homeless shelter. Their little house was dingy and used to stink. Liz was not used to having shower and the body odor and lice in her hairs were enough for everybody at school to make fun of her. Bully eventually took a toll on her, forcing to drop out of school. The family lived in a miserable condition.

Her mother died soon because of AIDS. Liz was brought down to the New York streets, sleeping in  trains, sometimes forced into shelter homes. She was 15 when her mother died. She had never been to school. Children of her age were graduating from high schools, while Liz was in the middle of nowhere. Things where falling apart, when she realized that it’s on her, to decide how her life has to be. She decided to push herself instead of living a life of excuses.

She made her mind to join a high school and took up a challenging job to complete it in 2 years instead of 4. She knew she had to work hard which needed immense motivation. Her best friend and father weren’t supportive but she challenged herself every day. 

She was sent to Boston by her school. The atmosphere at Harvard made her feel, near to a skin that she could touch. She felt the dream of getting into Harvard was within her reach. Despite of lack of stable home and late start of high school, her determination awarded her scholarship for needy students by New York Times. She was accepted into the Harvard University.

Today she is the founder and director of Manifest Living and a motivational speaker. A woman, who has achieved this high, was once a common girl sleeping on streets. As a young student of Calcutta Business School and a budding manager stories like this truly motivate and inspire me. 

Shalini Singh

PGDM  Batch 2019-2021