Everyone is aware of the pandemic COVID-19, which has created a huge crisis globally. Recently the Indian government announced the total lockdown across the country from 24th March and it will be of 40 days plus, including social distancing to slow down the spread of the virus. Strict stay at home orders, sealing of hotspots and shutting down of public transport. Coronavirus has taken a lot of life across the world to date.  Governments of  different nations have already taken various steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to the official news, every day new cases are coming, hence increasing the number of coronavirus patients daily. I salute  all the doctors and all the members of the health and welfare department who work on the frontlines and are effortlessly involved in the research process to find a vaccine/drug to fight the disease and to the police who are working for us even in this situation to support lockdown. India ranks 145th globally in healthcare facilities so it is pretty clear that our country would not be able to stand with the facilities that this pandemic affect needs, so it is must that we have to take precautions to protect ourselves from this disease because other countries such as Russia, Germany,  USA, etc. have better healthcare facilities and still they failed to protect their people. The government are spending like never before-not even during the wars had governments blown budgets to skies as they are  doing today.

One of the articles posted on the IMF website states that the total global GDP loss because of the pandemic crisis could be more than 9 trillion dollars globally and will affect the various sectors of our economy badly. This pandemic is very high as compared to other past outbreaks .This pandemic has made billions of people  avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing with one another and has made them stuck inside their own home. As a result, many people are looking for ways to distract themselves and keep themselves busy inside their home. Our daily routine has completely changed..

The pandemic did certain things that the government had not been able to do ever. It gave some positive impacts on the environment.  We see a clear blue sky, pollution-free air to breathe, no noise of traffic, self-awareness, etc. We can feel the fresh air every day from our home and see the sky full of stars visible with the naked eye. People can now see Himalayan peaks from Amritsar which was never visible because of air pollution. This lockdown has given all of us a break from the rat-race life that we were a part of, it has given us time to learn some new hobbies or get back to our hobbies which was lost because of various workloads. As we all are bored of our smartphones, social media, online games, etc. now we are picking some new hobbies such as reading books, gardening, cooking, some physical activities like playing indoor games such as badminton, table tennis, etc. We can utilize our time in a better and positive way to make a better version of ours.

This pandemic is reshaping the human perspective towards the environment as well as the economy. Maybe people will now onwards respect the environment and learn the importance of hygiene and understand how animals feel in the cage. We are also learning that to live a happy and healthy life, all the luxuries (theatres, clubs, malls, restaurants) are just optional, without them also we can live a happy life.        

#Stay safe   #Stay Healthy   #jantacurfew #Stayhome we can live a happy life.

Roma Kumari
Batch 2019-21