Marie and Pierre Curie in 2019

We never jelled well with remembering achievements as human beings since time and beyond. 

Few months ago the country was cheering over the jointly Noble Prize awarded married couple -Mr Abhijit Banerjee , alongwith his wife Esther Duflo. Following this news and looking further into such achievements , I shall summarize this article about five married couples who had won the Noble Prize jointly . 

 1903 saw the first married couple winning the Noble Prize -Marie And Pierre Curie for their research in Physics concerning the Radiation Phenomena. 

 Astonishingly, the second couple to win the prize in 1935 were Irene Curie, eldest daughter of Marie Curie along with Frederick Joliot by conducting research on the projection of Nuclei, which was an essential step in the discovery of Neutron and Positron. 

The third duo was Gerty and Carl Cori who worked upon the co-operation of hormones and enzymes. 

Next to this, the fourth joint Nobel Prize winners were Alva and Gunnar Myrdal for countering nuclear Proliferation and Economic Sciences respectively in 1982 and 1974.

The couple, May Britt and Edvard Moser were the fifth couple to win the Noble Prize for their discovery of a type of cell that is important for determining position close to the hippocampus, located in the centre of the brain. 

Sixth, the diversified couple Abhijit Banerjee and Madam Esther Duflo , were announced the winner of Noble Prize in Economics 2019 for their experiments and researches in alleviating Global Poverty. 

To conclude just when the country is heading towards recession, the century being 21st , and the world so progressive, the sixth couple besides being the Marie and Piere Curie of 2019 , are also the social savants. Quoting Locke -" the well being of the people shall be the supreme law".I as a student of Calcutta Business School,laid back and raised my finger to the sky pondering on the quote. I too joined the moon with the nearest star in a straight line and it took me some time to internalize it.. It was that day that I understood the power of perspective.


-Meghali Sen

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