"Nirvana in a Corporate Suit"-Book Review

If we had to write a book or say give a presentation on "Nirvana in Corporates", don't you think the protagonist would go nameless? 

So, I got hold of this book " Nirvana in a Corporate Suit " by Runjhun Noopur, where a nameless guy with tinges of sarcasm and working in an office tries to find inner peace and happiness by shooing off his scheduled meetings and monontonous routines. 

Nevertheless, his wish gets granted through a sage who helps him conquer over some strange and funny situations where he gets to learn and gets away from the monotone .

 The plot revolves around how he is determined to reach his destination and search for enlightenment. The protagonist is kept nameless so a person gets into the shoes of the man. With a work of fiction, humour and philosophy, the DNA of the book can be summarised as :

  • Self-Help book 
  • sense of Humour 
  • Invokes spirituality
  • Motivation disguised as bizzare story. 

With the intent of having an adventurous lifestyle, the protagonist finds himself in a cave at Gangotri, where the sage made him take long treks followed by talking mirrors , mortifying insects, tricky terrains which cleansed his own self. 

This book that has been written by an ex-corporate lawyer is a must read for every Indian working professional as well as students, which might act as a token of self actualization and self -realisation.Yes, Maslow's hierarchy has put forward this as a need, and I can assure the book is the ticket to it. The knitted explanation of fiction along with humour, grinds the particles of self -care, self-help to atoms of simplifying the philosophy of life. 

As PGDM students of CBS, we shall be moving to corporates soon and I firmly believe such smooth reads should be welcomed more and more. I feel book reviews carve the way to making more people aware of how one should spend their leisure, why should you give it a read and what you acquire at the end. 

-Meghali Sen

PGDM Batch 2019-21