Social dynamics and Communication skills

How often do we realize the dynamism of the society? Do we understand the pace at which the society is changing and how  we unconsciously respond to the societal change? Sociology takes an attempt to simplify the process of understanding the society we live in. Today in my blog I will focus on how social dynamics is a part and parcel of our day to day lives  and how effective communication skill , since it is closely knitted with social dynamics. It can also be called  sociodynamics. This field of study is one of the most important contributions of sociology to mankind and society. Interactions happen regularly between individuals living in a society and its different elements. The resulting behavior cropping out of the interaction is covered under the concept of social dynamics. 

Social dynamics brings into play sociology, social psychology and the adaptive systems. It is usual for us to get influenced by the reaction and behavior by those around us. This reaction and behavior stimulate the role of communication in our day to day life. We can respond to any kind of behavior only by way of communication. 

Good communication skill is crucial for effective interaction. But we need to ponder, what helps  to develop effective communication skills? I, as a PGDM student of Calcutta Business School, have observed that good listening skills actually help establish better communication skills. By listening patiently, one can observe better and then respond accordingly. It is only by listening that humans can respond properly in the dynamic environment that they live in. Communication also paves way for prospering interpersonal skills.

However, social dynamics and communication skill also involve communicating by different means, say verbal or written. The ultimate aim is to generate and deliver response. The response can be delivered by way of advertisement, presentations or even gestures. All that is needed is a good observation, rational thinking and ultimate deliverance of thoughts. 

In an environment that is constantly and rapidly changing, social dynamics and communication skills form an imperative part of it. Effective communication skill can pave way to showcase and present our knowledge everywhere. By constantly interacting with varied people around us, we can identify  happenings around the society and the world we live in. Thus, while concluding, I would like to mention that in order to sustain the social dynamics of the society, effective communication is germane.

Kanchan Sharma

PGDM Batch 2019-21

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