The CBS Experience - From The Mouth Of Our Alumni

The business landscape has evolved tremendously over the last few decades and is getting increasingly complex in its functioning. To be successful in this changing and complex industry, it’s important that business schools also change the way they educate the youth of today. Calcutta Business School follows a stringent program that is designed to develop fundamental competencies in our students.

We help our students unlearn what they know so that they can learn what they should know. Everything we teach starts at the very peak of business - leadership. Our students know that leadership is not about dominating team members rather its about taking initiatives, motivating people to accomplish their goals, being accountable and responsible when it comes to their job.

Our recently launched ‘Outbound Leadership Practicum’ is designed to provide our students with exposure to the different types of leadership, tasks, and exercises that they can implement in the real world.

Here is what our alumni, Sayan Kundu, has to say about the industry oriented programmes at CBS.
“I graduated in 2017, and currently I am working at Price Waterhouse Cooper. I take pride to say that I graduated from CBS because the knowledge I gained from the industry oriented course at CBS helps me in my work. I am thankful to Calcutta Business School for not just shaping my future but making me a better person.”

- Sayan Kundu (2015 -17) Associate, PWC SDC PVT. Ltd

Our students are also taught the art of collaboration since the world of business only showers success to those who can work with a team. Working with a team requires different kinds of skills and our programmes are designed to ensure that our students learn to work comfortably with people from diverse backgrounds and qualification.

Here is what our alumni, Shardha Agarwal, has to say about her experience at CBS.
“Wanting to get out there and prove myself is what got me enrolled into this brilliant institution. Thanks to CBS, not only am I living a successful life but also have had a great association with great people, who passed out from this same college and have made various achievements in different fields.”

- Shardha Agarwal (2012 - 14) Relationship Manager Analyst, The Chopras

At CBS, we understand the importance of practical learning. Therefore, our curriculum ensures that our students are on top of technological advancements. This is done with the help of case studies, that are used to highlight the connections between various academic theories to real-world application. This case study method is what moves our students to possess highly desirable skills like analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Here is what our alumni, Somnath Sahu, has to say about his learning experience at CBS.
“Joining CBS was a new beginning and possibilities. They have provided a perfect blend of learning through classroom training and practical industry experience. Meeting different professors from abroad, interacting and learning from them helps to build up skills and grow as a person.”

Somnath Sahu (2012 - 14) Associate Consultant MART, Global Management Solutions LLP

All in all, choosing to pursue your management education with us, will ensure that you gain the right competencies and exposure you need to thrive in the ever-evolving and fast growing business economy. In case you want to know about more experiences, you can visit:

Debojyoti Saha
Asst. General Manager
Head - Marketing and Admissions