The coming back of “Monginis”

How can one forget the days of childhood brimming with arrant innocence? The days when a pastry and a patty would give us utmost happiness. Nothing on Earth can ever replace those feelings and bring back those small little exhilarating moments. It was a small cake shop named “Monginis” around the corner of my school which still has so much of reminiscence. Every birthday occasion back then, had a cake from Monginis without a miss. Birthdays were incomplete without the cake from this particular shop. Slowly came up so many bakery shops and one fine day the replacement of Monginis. All shops of Monginis renamed to “Mio Amore” took me by surprise and I wondered why this happened. 

After a bit of research, it came to my knowledge that due to a strife between Monginis and Switz foods, its name was changed to Mio Amore. Differences cropped up over Monginis shops cross selling non Switz food products. This resulted in a legal controversy between both the companies. Out of the controversy, a 3-year non-compete agreement was made between Monginis and Switz foods, which meant the former would not set up any shop for the upcoming 3 years. Around 100 odd stores were converted to Mio Amore. 

Despite all these, Monginis has stepped up into the Indian market again with its branches reopening in Pune, Goa, Surat, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata and parts of Bengal. The strategy that I have noticed of the new emerging “old brand” is that it is setting up its shop near Mio Amore stores. This must be a marketing gimmick. I, as a student of PGDM, think that setting up shops this way may help Monginis gain the following advantages: 

  • Segmenting-Targeting-Positioning of the customer, 
  • Ease with the pricing strategy,
  • Better understanding of needs and demands.

I also think that the shops are set nearby in order to highlight the fact to the customers that Mio Amore and Monginis are two different and distinct brands now and to completely do away with the confusion among the general public, if any. 

To re-emerge in the market and establish a firm foot is definitely a challenging task for any company. But when proper marketing and promoting tactics are put to the right place, we can always expect a company to boom.

Kanchan Sharma

PGDM 2019-21

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