Thermostat of decision making

I recently had a very important takeaway from my class in Managerial Skills for Effectiveness. It was something that changed my thought process completely and I have started believing that it is mandatory in each and every sphere of life. The concept of Conflict Management actually helped me understand that even negative things have at least some element of positivity in it. It is all about an individual’s perception and his way of looking at it.

We all have different notions about everything around us. But for the word conflict majority of us have a negative emblem. The term conflict habitually invokes a sense of negativity within us. We seldom associate with any positive features. But a point that should always have a consideration is that every coin has two sides. Zilch on this earth can exist in entire negativity. Coming down to the bottom line of the conclusion, even conflict has its own strength and utility. 

Ever since childhood, we are constantly taught how to deal with conflicts. The way to deal with conflicts is to “communicate” and try to unveil the positive facet of it. With lack of communication, comes misunderstanding and the feeling of discontentment. What we really lack is the power to analyse the statement. During a conflict, we often listen for the other person to make a mistake or in search of a point for defence. In most cases, we fail to listen what really is important and fruitful. People who take conflict as a plague, try to avoid things that may lead to any kind of conflict. Conflicts are negative when it keeps going on and on. That is where it adopts a dysfunctional structure. 

But in order to have a sound and immaculate decision-making process, conflict is necessary. Focussing on the role of conflict in organisations, it must be said that it is something which is bound to take place in every organisation. With multitude of people working in organisations, different and contradicting point of view is very likely to be witnessed. Conflict can be a wonderful thing in decision making because it helps us to better analyse a question. In some situations, it is even better than group discussions. A lot of us prefer being a team player and not being divisive, hence avoid voicing our opinion in fear of conflict. This way we end up making inferior decisions. Conflict is good for personal growth and development and even greater for organisations. Any topic, having a clean beginning, well-managed middle and a clear end can always lead to positive conflict and good decision making. Conflicts do help us decide the pros and cons of a particular thing under controversy. 

I as a student of PGDM in Calcutta Business School, think that at the organisational level, there must be a code of conduct for managing conflict. A way to enforce the code of conduct must also be present, in order to do away with the negative part of a conflict. Conflict has the power to transform relationships, people and ultimately the world around us. Conflicts are like ice bergs. By saying that I mean, what is on the surface may seem minute, but what is beneath can actually sink the heaviest of ships!


Kanchan Sharma

Batch 2019-21

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