What You Should Consider Before Doing A PGDM For Career Change

Dr. Nitu Singhi

Throughout life, you will make investments. Some of them will be more significant than others. One such consequential decision is to further our education. This decision comes with a significant financial cost and time investment. It’s no surprise then, that aspiring students start considering business schools years before they start applying for PGDM programmes.

When you want to pursue a PGDM for a career shift there is a lot to consider and asking the right questions is extremely important. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start applying to business schools for a career change.

1. Where are you in your career right now?

Are you excited about your job for most of the days? Are you spending the entire week while working, waiting for the weekend? Chances are that, you will spend most of your adult life working. Therefore, to be satisfied with your life, it’s important that you should find job satisfaction. If you find your job interesting, have good relationships with your managers and colleagues, have a high income and have clearly defined career growth opportunities - you should be satisfied with your job.
However, if you aren’t happy with your career or job, a PGDM from a good business school can be the break you need. For any fresh graduate, PGDM will enhance the career path with wider scopes.

2. What is the safest way to make a difference?

Ask yourself how else you can achieve your goals? There are a lot of options when it comes to facilitating a career change. For instance, if you are looking to gain more responsibilities in your career, a new role with a higher salary might be the answer. In such a case, a PGDM may be the one thing you need to leap to new heights in your career. A PGDM can help you make the necessary skills, contacts, and experience needed to transition into a higher role.

However, before you make a decision ensure that you take some time and evaluate where you want to go and how you can get there.

3. What is your dream?

Everyone has certain dreams that they would like to see come true. Taking the time to think about your dreams will help you visualize what you may need to do to achieve those dreams.

Say, you dream to improve the lives of others. A PGDM from a good business school can help you make the dream come true. The skills that you will develop in a business school can impact others in a positive manner. For instance, you could be responsible for innovating new products and services that create jobs or help solve some of society’s biggest problems.

If you want to bring change, you will need to think strategically and have strong leadership skills. A business school will provide you with all the tools you need to solve even the most complex world problems.

These three questions are extremely important for those who will need to leave their jobs behind before they walk into the halls of a business school. As terrifying as that decision can be, a PGDM can truly change your life for the better. Through these questions and a PGDM programme, you will learn a lot about yourself and place yourself on the path of a more fulfilling career.

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