Word of the Year

Based on recent scenarios and the frequent use of words, every year the Oxford Dictionary declares a particular word or phrase as the word of the year. Oxford dictionary is a database containing hundreds of millions of words written in English. This year the word chosen was “Climate emergency”. The word of the year is intended to highlight an expression or activity with emphasis on engrossment and brooding of the previous year. Such etymology has a long-lasting potential and is usually a term of “cultural significance”.

The use of this term has seen to have increased 100 folds since the last one year. The usage has soared up to 10.79 percent. The utilization of this word has surpassed all other emergencies. A deliberate decision was made by some organisations to include this term in the Oxford Dictionary instead of “climate crisis or climate change”. The idea behind choosing “climate emergency” as the word was to highlight and portray the urgency of the situation. The focal point was demonstrable escalation in the climatic pattern. 

The dictionary meaning of the term is “A situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it”. The situation is turning grave in not just India but even in different parts of the world. Countries like UK, Canada, France and Scotland have become victim of this untold human suffering too. Numerous scientist all over the world have declared the climate emergency and warned the nations regarding its catastrophic effects. Climate change is threatening ecosystems and thereby the fate of humanity. 

The prophylactic that can actually curb the complication is doing away or moving away from fossil fuels. We can try switching over to low carbon renewable form of energy. The short-lived pollutants which include soot particles and hydrofluorocarbons pose a direct and major threat to the environment. The usage of this should be completely put an end to and eliminated. Just a bit of effort at the individual level can put a check on the state of affairs. The reckless felling of trees has disturbed the ecological balance. Connecting the dots, we get an image that a bit of consciousness and effort is required by every single person. The governments of various nations are already into the process of formulating new policies and putting in efforts to bring a change. Its time for some discreet effort now! Let’s put our step forward and join our hands as students of Calcutta Business School to make the environment slightly better in whichever small way we can.. 

Kanchan Sharma

Batch 2019-21

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