In managerial decision making, it is important to have right people in the right place in a company. For this, an evaluation system has to be in place. In Calcutta Business School we are encouraged to read cases and make presentations, and I was assigned a case where the manager was providing biased rating to his juniors and was partial in his judgment.

This form of rating does not help the organization and some alternatives were needed. The solution provided in the case was a method where there would be greater than or less than scale for rating. According to me, this alsowould not work as there would be a bias towards one side of the scale.

It is important to develop a continuous monitoring system in terms of work delivered and targets have to be set. Further, people need to give personal opinion about work space conditions and some method has to be in place for assessing this.

Soumyarup Dey
PGDM Batch 2019-21

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