Big Data: Universal storage system

In the digital and communication world, information is generated, processed and stored within the blink of an eye. It has been estimated that around 5 billion people across globe are connected to internet and out of 6 billion mobile phone users, 4 billion use mobile internets. The social media sites play a big role in indiscriminate rise in data production. Various IoT devices have sensors attached to them which generates surmountable amount of data in cloud. 

Surveys show that by the end of this year, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to internet. With this estimate, predicted rate of data production will be almost 50 times greater than 2010. With the advent of smart devices, tremendous amount of data is being generated. The heterogeneous data being produced can be structured or unstructured. This big data is shared and transferred at high speed on different optical fibers. The three big data identifiers are- The data is of high volume; The data is generated, processed and stored in dynamic way; The data cannot be categorized into regular relational databases.

Demand for big data is humongous and there are various areas where it is already being implemented. Sectors like power theft investigation, examining quality of food and ecological fortification are some of the areas. In healthcare industry, doctors and physicians are using sensor data to evaluate patient’s history. The most common application is by search engines, as they store user’s previous data and accordingly suggest content. Platforms like e-commerce websites, YouTube are the most relevant cases where similar products or contents are recommended. Different speech recognition products or voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google voice assistant, etc employ big data to recognize speech patterns. The data is necessary to evaluate consumer behavior and implement innovation as per changing scenario. Big data has essential role to play when it comes to carrying out surveys for research. When we have data we actually know in which direction we should head to and achieve the objective. 

There are some side effects too to big data as the recent issues of security breach have popped up. The excess data is prone to being exposed and it has become urgent to address these loopholes. The technologists are working on the issues so that the “big data” is retained without any loss.

Shalini Singh 


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