Blog on Blood Donation

Your one move can save many lives . Donation of money ,clothes ,food is an easy way. But donating blood is something which is beyond everything. Not everyone however is brave enough to donate their blood to an unknown person.

The Cultural and Social Outreach Club of Calcutta business school decided to organize a Blood Donation Camp to collect and donate blood to the needy people on 7 August 2019. Both students,faculty and staff members gave their full participation and encouraged everyone to donate blood . Donors were served food packets, glucose, and juice, from college as nourishment after they donated blood .

Thank you to all for making a great move in donating blood . The best part of donating blood is You not only donate blood but also give a hope ,a life to someone.

Donate blood and feel happy because you might feel weak temporarily but you bring smile and strength to many by saving their lives" .

-Kumari ayushi Pani Batch 2019 - 2021