The business strategy to build a ply making industry.

Every economic activity helps in building the nation’s GDP. Hence it is very important to revise the business strategy with the fast pacing world. The present age demands fierce financial and marketing strategy in order to survive the tough competition that industries face and contribute positively to the nation’s progress.

As the PGDM 2019-2021 students of Calcutta Business School we got a wonderful opportunity to visit a renowned ply making industry “Greenply” and discuss the business strategy used in each subsequent stage.

The company was established as "Mittal Laminates Private Limited" on 28 November 1990. It became Mittal Laminates Limited in 1994, and finally Greenply Industries Limited in 1996. Its first manufacturing plant was established in 1993 at Behror, Rajasthan, followed by one at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand in 2006. Prior to that, a manufacturing unit of erstwhile Greenply Industries Limited at Tizit, Nagaland was taken over, along with the company itself in 1995.

The industry flourished irrespective of the financial crisis of 1991 and continued serving India with its output and employed a large number of working class people who were largely dependent on low output agricultural field. The company through smart strategies and effective recognition of resources was able to contribute immensely to the Indian market.

The aim of production is to produce goods and services that we want. There are four requirements for production of goods and services-

  • LAND: Greenply has been successful in increasing its factories in number of places across India and abroad. The first factor to promote the establishment of any industry is the land resource. Greenply has already acquired 9.5 hectares of land and further gaining of access to more land is in progress.
  • LABOUR: The task force employed to accomplish the aim is the second requirement for production activities. The Greenply industry that we visited has 1000 workers working in 24 hour shifts. 
  • PHYSICAL CAPITAL: Their manufacturing facilities are backed by cutting edge technologies, and reliable IT infrastructure not to mention good working capital.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL: An industry needs skilled workforce in order to achieve the needed task. Necessary training is vital to enrich the human capital and needs desired investment. The workers of Greenply were thoroughly induced to 2-3 months of training in order to equip themselves for the desired task. This is only accomplished by proper investment on development of workers.

Marketing strategies and initiatives:

In order to accomplish a global presence, the key is to enhance the marketing strategy. In response to these strategies Greenply mentioned following points:

  • All around marketing initiative targeted at trade and end consumer. 
  • By investing 3% of net sales going towards ad expenditure with the aim of increasing brand visibility and recall.
  • The most important attribute is the relationship building among employees through loyalty points, award nights, family bonding events and domestic/foreign trips. 
  • It is important to organize brand campaigns, which Greenply surely does like “Sardar Kid”, “Forever new”, “Always Hoyenga”, “Aag ko karo bye bye” and “Ask Greenply”. These brand campaigns help their customers in choosing Greenply. 

All these initiatives together contributed in establishing “Greenply” as a leading brand in ply supply.

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Shalini Singh

PGDM Batch 2019-2021

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