Why Only A Classroom Education Isn’t Enough To Be A Leader

At this point, every PGDM aspirant is probably carrying out extensive research about the business school they want to call their alma mater someday. There are a lot of factors that should be considered when choosing the right business school for your management education. While academics is highly essential, what happens after classes is equally important.

At CBS, we boast of a robust academic curriculum, but we also take pride in our extracurricular activities and initiatives. We understand that these out of the classroom experiences is what truly helps students turn into future leaders. Let’s take a look at some of these initiatives:

  1. Rural Immersion Program

    Rural India is growing at a fast pace, and it would be foolish to ignore this revival. 70% of India’s 1.3 billion people reside in rural areas. Therefore, it’s crucial that future leaders understand the potential that this sector of our country has to offer. Our rural immersion program provides our students with the opportunity to explore what rural India has to offer in terms of leadership and success. The program has the following objectives:

    • To help our students understand the various programmes initiated by the government of India like Food for Work Programme, Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, etc. and to investigate the method of their implementation and result.
    • To provide an opportunity for our students to visit rural markets and learn how they function.
    • To help our students appreciate the challenges and issues in the development of rural supply chains.
  2. Outbound Leadership

    Leadership doesn’t begin or end inside the walls of a corporation. Leadership is a skill that comes alive whenever and wherever it is needed. However, uncertain situations can lead to a lack of self-confidence, a trait that can hamper leadership. To ensure that our students learn the skill to be leaders no matter where they are, we created the outbound leadership program. This program helps our students:

    • Establish trust. Learn to stay calm in the face of adversity, to develop confidence, lead from the front, and keep a high morale.
    • Better self-understanding, abolish selective listening and learn the art of conflict resolution.
    • The value of thinking outside the box.
    • Importance of being honest, ethical and agile.
    • Importance of effective communication.
    • Encourage the team to foresee success.
    • Negotiating with uncertainty.
    • Team Bonding
  3. International Study Tour

    With the rise in quality education in our country, international opportunities are now available to everyone. However, before someone starts to live in an unknown country, it’s important that they understand what living and working abroad entails. Therefore, international study tours can be extremely helpful when it comes to allowing students to learn how to interact with people who have cultures and beliefs different from their own. Our international study tour encourages our students to communicate with a host of people as well as understand how business works in these foreign countries. It’s with the help of this exposure to a new way of management that they can also think about out of the box solutions to old problems.

  4. Design Thinking And Innovation Workshop

    Today, design thinking and innovation are the forefronts of success. Any leader who doesn’t understand the importance of this will soon become irrelevant. To ensure that our students are always presented with opportunities to succeed, they are regularly being invited to be part of workshops that teach them how they can learn and incorporate design thinking and innovation into their management skills.

    Such activities and initiatives only help students to grow exponentially in ways that simple classroom sessions can never provide.

Debojyoti Saha
Asst. General Manager
Head - Marketing and Admissions

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