As a Management student, Economics has to be a part and parcel of learning, consuming and accumulating knowledge.

I would not deny the fact that I start my evenings post class scrolling through Facebook, a habit my 20-something mind has picked up that I am not proud of. While doing this, I came around certain posts which made me go through e-books like "Freakonomics" , movies like "The Wolf of Wall Street" ,"A beautiful mind" ,which I found quite engaging. Our Dean, Professor Tamal Datta Chaudhuri always tries to make us look at the world through Economics -like every problem can be optimised through a framework of choice and alternatives along with constrained optimisation.

To share an example, Freakonomics is a book where an economist explores the hidden side of everything , a debut book by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner. Adding to this, I would like to mention a few posts from the Freakonomics newsletters :

1.A post on "How do you spend your online time where web traffic is segregated through time spent and not by page views .

2.A post on " How to make meetings less terrible" which initiates healthy conflict with elaborate episodes and stories.

3.The Future of Meat (I personally found this to be very interesting) where the rising global demand for beef, chicken, and pork which are a matter of concern for environment and other costs is discussed with other options given with statistical and surveyed facts. 

Coming to a movie,A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. The film was directed by Ron Howard, from a screenplay written by Akiva Goldsman.

Concluding, I would like to opine, Economics is as cosmic as matter, which is related to the universe, and being a part of the Earth, why not call it ECOSMIC?

I would love to hear what you felt when you read or watched any such book or a movie, and this blog platform can be the best platform , hence a vote of thanks to Calcutta Business School . 

Happy Reading

Meghali Sen

(PGDM Batch 2019-21)

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