Faculty Publication

  1. Application Of Multi Criteria Decision Making Models In Management
  2. Dr. Tamal Datta Chaudhuri did his PhD in Economics from the Johns Hopkins University,USA. He has taught in Calcutta University, ISI Kolkata,IISWBM,IIFT. he has published several research papers in domestic and foreign journals and has edited 4 books. he is currently professor and Dean, Calcutta Business School, Kolkata, India.

    This book demonstrates the wide applicability of Multi Criteria Decision Making Models in Management. It helps in understanding the extent of relationship between a set of independent variables and some dependent variables.3 different exercises are considered in this book. First, they applied these tools to understand the effect of Basel norms on the Indian Banking sector. Second they seeked to understand divided payment by the Indian Corporate Sector. The third is an application to understand customer requirements from automobiles in India.

  3. Analysis and Forecasting of Financial Time Series using R
  4. Analysis and prediction of stock market time series data have attracted considerable interest from the research community over the last decade.This book presents some of the state of the art research work in the field of time series analysis and forecasting.

    This book is a valuable source of knowledge for those who are working in the field of econometrics,statistical modelling , time series analysis, forecasting and financial analytics.

  5. Empirical Research In Finance
  6. The idea of this book came from a faculty development Programme conducted in Calcutta Business School on Empirical Research in Finance.

    Participants were presented with various tools and techniques that are being applied in finance. There were hands on sessions as well. This book collates all that and also the situations in different techniques of analysis that could be applied.