5 Brain Hacks for Professional Excellence

"Be a yardstick of quality. Most people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."
-Steve Jobs

PROFESSIONAL excellence is an exclusivity tag not many of us have consciously cultivated as a habit, but it exists nonetheless. If you go deep, developing professional excellence means how you wish to be perceived as an expert in your own field by strategically placing your authentic self among the crowd. By definition professional excellence is beating your own benchmark consistently by adopting right engagement strategy religiously. It is an ability to beat the all odds of life by fueling the passion to success. Passion is the full force of your attention and energy you give to your effort by achieving excellence in your profession.

Following are the insights that can help you to beat excuses for not being able to adopt the right engagement strategy, circumstances or the opportunity.

1: Managing Mind Space: It is how well you are able to utilize your mental space for scaling up growth in your profession. Most people rent it to others by allowing negative thought, criticism, bad practices, indulging no brainer activities and thus killing time and energy. Remember if you think you are not a crap, your first priority should be developing your thought process by finding the right solution for your own self and innovativeness to avoid disruptions in life. You need to be selective to welcome people and thought in your mind space. I wonder why most of us maximize our mind space by filling up with wrong emotions, unworthy people and activities and thus dampening our spirit and de-energize our body. If you are a reasonably good problem solver you seem to be on the right path of utilizing your mind space well.

 2: Being Adaptable (to changes): "Adaptable to change" for learning, teamwork and organization culture are an important quality for excellence during your professional journey. When you are adaptive in nature you are in the process of self-transformation utilizing organization as a platform to develop marketable skills in the long run. Good behavioral attributes and growth kind of mindset helps to embrace positive change in your attitude.

 3: Listing Your Priority and Task every day: You need to make proper documentation of work and priorities on a day to day basis and spend some time during weekends or end of the day to evaluate your role of performing the task and scope of improvement. This helps you to set up goals and develop your ability to delegate to people in future. One should set up learning priorities for self. If you are not able to pre-plan activities or set up reminder you may complete the task at the eleventh hour but then you lack time management and proper decision-making skills which are an important quality for leadership.

4: Exploring out of Your Comfort Zone: Exploring out of your comfort zone builds your confidence level and maturity to deal with challenges and harness mental ability to connect to people and situations better. If you do not want to limit yourself by constraints you must experience and explore professional engagement out of your hometown at any point of your career. Working with diversified people and culture helps your brain to adapt to people and circumstances at any level and helps to shape your personality better. 

5: Behavioral Attributes: It is the combination of soft and hard skills while connecting people from different status Either you are super cool like M S Dhoni or passionately aggressive like Virat Kohli. To deliver productivity in your professional field you must cultivate positive emotions and energetic attitude to respond to people and process. Another important observation in behavioral part is we always focus on problems and dwell on it to disturb our mind. Remember to maintain a good flow in life you must be an excellent problem solver. It is possible only when you are able to develop sharp observation about your approach to the problems by strengthening your positive emotions.

The secret of professional excellence is to remain conscious and be aware of creating ripples by unlimited impossible ways of innovation and energy. These ripples will go forward, take shape and affect people gradually when you focus on what matters to you.

Santanu Poit
Calcutta Business School

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