CBS's 5-Pillar Vision & Philosophy in Management Education

  • Understanding of Management Concepts and their applications in an integrative way
  • Industry Focused Curriculum Themes and courses customised to industry needs
  • Understanding of Statistical & Business optimization Methods as well as Business Analytics
  • Skills in Business Strategy Formulation.
  • Skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and business problem solving

Core Skills Attitudes & Values

  • Collaborative Skills Leadership Skills Communication Skills Learning Skills Human values & ethics

An academic institution, while striving for delivering quality education, also has to have a long term vision and a philosophy of deliverance. At Calcutta Business School (CBS), our vision and philosophy vis-a-vis Management Education rests on 5 inter-connected pillars. These are:

Understanding of Management concepts and their applications in a integrative way.

Industry focused curriculum themes and courses customised to industry needs through continuous dialogue with industry.

Understanding of Statistical and Business Optimization Methods in managerial decision making and Business Analytics.

Skills in business strategy formulation.

Skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and business problem solving.

Core Skills and Value

The 5 Pillars are built around a set of core skill attitudes, and values-collaborative skills, leadership skills, communication skills, learning attitude, human values and business ethics.

How the 5-Pillar Model is delivered through curriculum and course?

Understanding of Management Concepts in an Integrative

  • Way Cluster Specialisation.
  • Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Organisation.

Industry Focused Curriculum and Customisation

  • Business Process Management Course with prolonged industry immersion
  • Hands-on Quality Management Course.
  • Stock Market Simulation Course.
  • ERP Training ( SAP and Other)

Statistical Methods and Applications

  • Research Methodology & Market Research.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Data Based Management Systems.
  • Consumer Behavior.
  • SPSS, SAS Training.

Skills in Business Strategy Formulation

  • Strategic Marketing Management.
  • Strategic Production & Operations Management.
  • Strategic Manufacturing Management.
  • Strategic HR Management.

Skills in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving Workshops.

  • Co-curricular activities like Business Plan Competition.
  • Interactions with entrepreneurs.
  • Evolution of Business ideas and implementation at Entrepreneur Lab.

How are the core skills and values developed through curriculum and course?

Collaborative Skills

  • Residential Program to inculcate group work habits.
  • Group projects. Group assignments.

Human Values & Business Ethics through courses

  • Human Values & Business Ethics.
  • Evolution of Man & Management.
  • Human & Organisational Behavior.

Communication Skills

  • Presentation skills.
  • Language Lab.
  • Co-curricular activities.
  • Participation in inter-college and intra-college events.

Leadership Skills

  • Management of co-curricular projects and assignments
  • Leadership workshops Management of Students activities Management of events.

Learning Attitudes

  • 24 x 7 x 365 continuous learning environment in a large campus with all facilities.
  • Case study method of teaching.
  • Projects and assignments.