Into Wild

Christopher Mccandless a teenager had good grades, intellectual personality, loved reading books and had a bright future ahead. His reading reflected in his words. He was about to apply for Harvard law school for which he had saved enough. But he did not like the regimented academic life. Young and energetic Christopher left college, gave up chances of good education, and leading a respectable life. Instead he chose to roaming in wilderness, getting closer to nature and finding true happiness of life. Chris had had a harsh childhood, constant brawling parents, and tried hard to fit in set standards and image. Because of this he got dejected; he donated his college savings to charity, destroyed his identity and set off on a trip to Alaska through wilderness.

During the first winter he had his campsite on an abandoned bus which he called “The magic bus”. The stillness and beauty the nature offered, intrigued him. Every day he made a note of his thoughts, his activities, skills he learnt and read books on survival which kept him going throughout the winter. Spring came and he again set off further with an open attitude of welcoming everything that the world offered. The journey was full of people and experiences which shaped his personality further. He was fearless in the face of adversity and at the same time calm to the serene beauty.

The film on him, directed by Sean Penn is an adaptation from book ,Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. The story unfolds many life lessons that viewers would be able to relate to. Today a number of people struggle to fit into society, set standards and accepted images. Individuality fails to have its own respect which forces a lot of people to indulge with the crowd losing their identity and self worth. The uniqueness that an individual has to offer to the world must not be condemned, but appreciated. This was the major factor that prompted the protagonist to find self love and get away from society’s double standards.

I, as a student of Calcutta Business School, watched the film and liked it.The film focuses on the fact that every moment in life shapes ones future, thought process and we never know how much our words or action can create an impact on others or ourselves. Hence, one must be wise enough to their actions and its possible consequences. Every human has a goal that is majorly framed by experiences, thoughts and people. People have millions of reasons to take the easier path , but all do not. There are times when people give up to circumstances, being myopic to the underlying truth. The film has beautifully portrayed to keep striving for ones goals and not to have other’s opinion act as hindrance. The film moved me much. The best lesson that I learnt is that happiness is true when it is shared. Humans are born unselfish, but are moulded by the harsh world. What if we make the world a better place? What if we choose a different path, and not a beaten path? Probably the world will be a lot more welcoming, different, humane and understanding. I endorse this idea of an individual doing something different to spread love and be more humane.

Shalini Singh
PGDM- 1st Year ( 2019-21)

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