Investing Wisely: The PGDM Edition

The world of business is filled with complexities. With so many aspiring to succeed in this world, standing out can be really difficult. However, a strong foundation of management education can help you climb the corporate ladder faster than your counterparts. The question is, where can you gain this strong foundation? There are far too many options when it comes to business schools and choosing the right one is a hurdle of its own. However, there are a few things you should look for in a business school. Let’s take a look at these factors:

Learning to lead

While it may be true that leadership cannot be taught, it’s also true that leaders need training and guidance. Long gone are the days when leadership was defined as a way to dominate others and give instructions. Today, the meaning of what true leadership looks like has changed. Leadership, in today’s day and age, means having the ability to take initiatives, motivate others to reach their goals, taking on responsibility and being accountable for success and failures. The recently launched ‘Outbound Leadership Practicum’ at CBS exposes students to numerous tasks and activities designed to train them to be good leaders.

Collaboration and Team Work

As a leader, you will be responsible for leading a number of people. Therefore, to be a successful leader, you must learn the art of collaboration and teamwork. In fact, it’s one of the critical competencies that a leader must possess. The different clubs at CBS are an excellent platform for students to learn to work in harmony with people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. The clubs put students in a place outside of the classroom where they are required to collaborate and execute tasks, make presentations, publish newsletters, etc.

Creativity and Innovation

The world of business has a new buzz word, ‘ design thinking and innovation’ and with good reason. Design thinking and innovation leads people with even the most traditional point of views to come up with innovative solutions to problems. To encourage out of box thinking, CBS has developed a three-day program that teaches the fundamentals of Design Thinking by engaging students in collaborative activities and productive conversations through an engaging workshop.

Our students, thanks to the above-mentioned methods of learning, have been placed in diverse industries across various roles. Furthermore, our dual specialisation programme and dual internship programme only add to their skills and knowledge and increases their employment opportunities. In conclusion, investing time and money in a B-school that prepares you to succeed in the complex world of business is a decision you will never regret.

Debojyoti Saha
Asst. General Manager
Head - Marketing and Admissions

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