Life inside a B-school

With lots of hopes and dreams in my eyes, I first entered the premises of Calcutta Business School on 5th of February,2019 to give my interview. It was a big day because I knew it would decide my fate for the coming 2years and also the fact that whether I would be a part of CBS or not. I stepped out of the college bus and took a quick glance of the entire campus and instantly I knew that I wanted to be here,right here in CBS. With cool breeze blowing I could also feel the breeze of my excitement blowing through me and making me realize that all the “wait” that I have put up to be in a B-school was worth it.

Eventually my interview went well and I got selected in CBS. It would be safe to say that I waited for my selection letter as eagerly as any child waits for his/her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. I could still remember myself sitting on my sofa and receiving the selection mail and my happiness was just on cloud 9.

Finally after a long wait of 4 months,i.e., on 17th June,2019 my journey as a B-school student finally started. That day saw the mixture of excitement, nervousness, happiness, dreams, hopes and aspirations all blended together. But I must add that life in a B-school is just the complete opposite of what it is in any other college.

As it is rightly said, “ the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”. And CBS is just preparing us for that little extra so that we come out as an extraordinaryperson. Life of a B-school student starts with presentations and ends with presentations, PUBG no longer takes the majority of memory in our phone but ‘Outlook’ does, lunch breaks no longer witness stories of Netflix and Hoichoi but the headlines of Economic Times, the classic novels just seat in a corner of a shelf as our hands and minds just hold Journals and Business Magazines, the Chai adda is now never complete without discussing TDC Sir’s Constraint Optimisation, struggling with derivatives never felt so real and replacing of Candy Crush with Powerpoint never felt so weirdly exciting. The everyday hustle and bustle of college life for as long as 8 hours a day can sometimes get a little too hectic but at the end of the day it is all these “ extra” things that make us different.

But in no way we are complaining because the new essence that CBS has added in our life has just changed our life for better and we are just on the path of becoming that little extra that would help us to stand out as extraordinary in this world. And to add to that CBS has blessed us with wonderful faculties and friends that we shall cherish forever.

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Deboshree Deb

(PGDM Batch 2019-21)