Life during Lockdown

The first news of the new “Novel Coronavirus” or “Covid-19” came in the middle of January’20. Articles of the virus destroying China’s Wuhan came to light, thousands were dying, China’s economy was sinking, and whole country was on lockdown with huge number of losses. People were dying as there is no proper medication for the disease, many were losing hope, huge tension came to light as “What’s next?”

It was in February when first case of Covid-19 came to light in India but everything was okay and running successfully. Everyone was busy in their life thinking it’s just one case, we won’t see the fate of China. It was in March when WHO declared it as a Global Pandemic after the Spanish Flu of 1920; everything went still with numbers rising each day.

Deep down I had a feeling West Bengal is safe. When the first case of Covid-19 came to light and more precautions were taken from government, I personally got a little startled.

What is our fate? What more we have to see? What pressure our medical system will face? Are we ready for this crisis to fight along?

That was  when Government announced Lockdown to flatten the curve. First two three days were good as I thought I will rest all through the day, but soon it became suffocating. The environment was becoming scary with negative news. People were scared to think or plan next, even I was scared enough. 

 While meditating one day, a thought crossed my mind. Is it right for me to get scared? what about people who are really suffering and what about their families, how they are living? They must be courageous enough to face the ground reality. I read some of the survival stories which motivated me. For more positivity, all my social media accounts were filled with people working on their old hobbies. It gave me motivation and courage. I thought why not turn this lock down period into a fruitful one. Even I started working on my old hobbies. I started sketching, reading books, and also with this I started helping my mother, helping my sister in her studies  along with mine and went hand in hand at home with many chores.This period taught me we can easily take some time out of this busy schedule and work on ourselves.

This lockdown brought something new in our lives where like other developed countries we saw growth in people working from home and that too easily. Companies started organizing webinars and people  got engrossed in them and took them seriously. We saw that without maids we can do our household chores if we did it together as a family.We started connecting with our old friends with whom we rarely talked as we were too occupied with study and work. We started helping each other in this time of crisis rather than creating a discrimination. We as a country with numerous Gods and Goddesses also started believing in doctors, health workers, police officials  more than our faiths.


I Pritha Sarkar of Calcutta Business School feel we will overcome the worst and face the new beginning. I salute all the frontline workers andthe government for handling the situation well compared to other worst hit developed countries. I believe we all should follow our government’s guideline religiously, help them flatten the curve and come out victorious in this pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Name – Pritha Sarkar
Roll. No – 19033
Batch – 2019-21