Lock down Musings

It has been more than a month that  we all have been locked in our homes waiting for this lock down to end. Most of us are with our families solving the unsolved puzzles with our family. There are many who are working on self-improvement and lot of people are doing  a lot of things.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my balcony and saw people walking on the streets as if nothing happened .Looking at it did not seem that it  was lock down. Looking at them, a thought struck me. What if home quarantine became a way of life?Will  everyone  be working from home, friends would only gather in videocalls and online conferences? Classroom classes won’t be conducted in class rooms anymore. Restaurants will be selling vegetables along with their recipes? We won’t be invited to birthday parties, weddings, picnics and other social gatherings.History books will tell the story how an invisible virus ruled over humanity and finally we would be blaming technology for all  that. We would think why we couldn’t eradicate a virus in 21st century in spite of stepping into the fourth industrial revolution? We would wonder why was the aeroplane ever invented? Social distancing won’t be a precaution but a necessity. Visualising this scenario is sad. 

This will  not happen if every human being follows the guidelines to prevent corona virus , because this war is against virus and not humanity.There are people out there who are not in their homes and loafing around, and soon, because of them, home quarantine will become a necessity if this virus is not contained. Staying at home might be boring but there are many activities which might help you to get less bored like this blog which I am writing to express my thoughts. 

Sumit Karmokar,
Batch 2019-21