Lockdown 2019

Stories of 2007-2008 economic recession have been in the news but this pandemic novel coronavirus economic crisis is something in real for the 90’s kids. India lockdown since march 23rd till date has drastically changed lives at different levels. Some stay home safe with friends and family while some away from them. Some are fighting the scarcity of jobs while some fight the scarcity of food. Hope is one key which lies significant in entirety.

Initially it took couple of days for me to realize until COVID-19 cases rose to a considerable number in nearing states in the country. Summer Internship  was something to look forward to  for most of the management colleges especially for those at the end of 1st year. Safety and health measures were important during this quarantine, but what also became more critical almost after 10days was a check on mental health. Now since I knew that the country lockdown would extend, I started planning in on a daily basis. Every day I  wake up and search for a new reason to speak about after I return to  normal life.

Have you seen life growing? I bet you have. These beauties have been growing with me and this pandemic since the 3rdweek of March. My days starts with meditation, workout and some water chat with these plants. 

Calcutta Business School  turned out a bliss during the self-quarantine in the lap of nature. Unlike many who are locked in their square rooms, CBS has gifted us facilities of nourishment to our soul and mind.  

An evening stroll around the campus brings in the joy to re-live the day. Even the evenings felt like the start of the day when I resumed to my work from home Internship from an IT firm based in Pune.

Our security staff made sure that all the safety rules were followed. College authority provided us with the sanitizers and masks which made me feel at home. Staff was ever smiling and they did not object extending their shifts to help labor crunch. In return we shared our snacks and smiles with them. 

My weekends were spent sketching with all tools I had. I was amazed at my own creativity when I turned a biodegradable paper plate into a wall decoration.This had been missing from my life for a while now, but I was happy that my skills weren’t faded if not enhanced. 

News headlines have always been a part of my digital scrolling. While organizations contributed to the PM fund , some invested their time and capabilities in the PPE making, others either spent time on job search or online courses and skill enhancement. This encouraged me to be a Tableau Analyst digitally badged by Tableau in LinkedIn.

I know when I get back to my normal routine, I shall be stronger, upskilled and lot will be on my plate.  I wish and hope healthy lives for all, specially those needy ones  who survive on daily wages.  

Shreya Malakar
Batch 2019-21