Lockdown And Me

COVID-19 is a serious threat for us, as medicines or vaccines are still in their testing process. Due to which keeping a safe distance from people seems the only possible way to eradicate this pandemic. Lockdown is a possible way of doing so. 

We have got enough time now  to be in our homes and spend quality time with our parents. Learning is an  integral part of this lockdown. These days I have learnt to cook a few things, worked upon improving soft skills and read two books. Other than these, I have caught upon a few must watch movies and  web series. People are doing their part by staying at home and government is doing its part by taking essential decisions to save life of people. I must thank those who are working day and night for saving those who have got infected by this virus. I thank the whole medical fraternity. They are heroes of our society. Moving forward when this fight ends, people would have better understanding of sanity and will be more cautious in future.

Ankit Ranjan
Batch 2019-21