Lockdown and the Covid-19

We all are facing the crisis of humanity and life more than ever faced by us in our entire lifetime. “Virus”, which was just a biological term for many of us and was usually recognised in daily life as a viral flu. Covid-19 disrupted the entire world along with its own usual identity for millions & billions of population.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is the threat for entire human population irrespective of any boundary or border, law, religion & faith. This pandemic has changed our perception about the world and our everyday life. We have uncertainty hovering over us about many things like basic necessities, livelihood, and job etc. This pandemic has disrupted the major economies around the world which has left millions of people jobless. It has created environment of worries and tensions around us.

This unprecedented virus has brought chaos and uncertainty over access to the essential services and commodities during the lockdown. Whereas for many lockdown is an opportunity to fulfil all the wishes which were pending due to the lack of time. While we used to complain about the lack of time for ourselves, now we have so much time that actually boredom has cringed us and we are having a yearning for our world that is beyond our own home. 

Countingthe coronavirus positive cases and see if the curve is flattening or steeply rising has become the new normal. Everyone is worried & praying for the health of their near & dear ones along with all the people around the world.

The health system of countries like ours is on the edge to even test the symptomatic cases. So we are facing the crisis not just due to coronavirus but also due to the worrisome condition of our healthcare system which is not enough for normal regular check-up for our vast population. We are fighting many problems at the same time during this pandemic with limited resources. Despite knowing the condition of our country, many people, be it illiterate or literate are behaving irresponsibly and are still ignoring the directions of the authorities and are continuing their irresponsible acts to deteriorate our condition. So it’s not just Covid-19 threat that India is currently facing. There is a long list of grave problems that we are currently fighting with.  One the major problems is providing livelihood to the 80 crores poor population as well as providing the industries and organised workers with the resources to let the economy not crash and protect everyone.

I personally believe that after all this is over, we are going to bounce back with much effort, energy & enthusiasm for our own as well as nations’ well-being. In this lockdown, we will be locking all our laziness and will be hitting back with our topmost potential in order to fulfil  all our life goals. This may be the planet’s way to regain her lost potential day by day caused due to severe human raised pollution and harm. Everything has two sides, so we can see it in positive way with the nature healing back and cities around the world getting clean to cleaner. Due to human lockdown around the world, other living beings are enjoying the earth which they have not been able to do so due to human intervention in their habitat and even ecosystems are rebounding and restoring.

Hoping for the world to recover from this pandemic as soon as possible and stopping the spread of highly contagious virus is the only thing that each of us want to see as soon as possible.

Hope you liked my thought.

Thank you.
Pallavi Jha
Batch- 2019- 21
Calcutta Business School