Marketing Club

The CBS Marketing Club was formed in 2018 primarily to involve the students about the different opportunities and inculcate a practice to introspect, analyze and infer about the events taking place in the market. This has paid rich dividends: The students felt the need of collating, distributing and discussing amongst the groups all those news related to marketing, branding and new product development. In one such meeting, it was decided that a newsletter should be published. The ball started rolling….And the journey began. The marketing team started publishing fortnightly newsletters – VIPANAN, showcasing the actions and events. As the club grew, it was decided to make something more exciting, so that students could read the newsletters not only to acquire knowledge but also to get something out of it. After the expansion of the club in 2019, it was finally decided to form an Online Quiz Contest every alternate week. The Quiz constituted questions taken from the newsletter published in the previous week. . There was an overwhelming and spontaneous response from the students. Results of the Quiz are published separately to encourage students.

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