A Black-hole of the Generation.

It’s not always that I get to open my laptop and scrutinize my writings . Today, after procrastinating and coming to terms with the weight on my shoulders, I finally sat down with a cup of black coffee and read the first line of some obscure article.

It made me look at my articles with hawked eyes- Someone out there, at some point in your life, will look at your work with the same hawked eyes and will criticise every punctuation that you use. That day, you would be sitting helplessly on the other side of the curtain waiting for the verdict like a sinner on his judgement day.The sadist in me looked at the PDF file with scratching heads . But,I could finally use the virtual red ink on every misspelled word, every misplaced punctuation and every wrong usage- sometimes out of spite, too. If the words are the buds of a writer , applications are nowadays the mentor. But books ,news ,articles and magazines you read should be your beau.

Rationalising here, I would be blamed for any additional coma in an application by people unknown to me -(say in an organization). So, why not master the art of reading, analysing, thinking and communicating through writings too? That is the beauty of "Reading and Writing "

What pressure to be faced for one good article and what a dilemma to be faced by one small mind- to kill or try not to be killed! So, applications can facilitate Thesaurus, but you can create your own Oxford in your mind. This generation needs to : Read more Think more Write more

I, as a student of Calcutta Business School would like to be thankful to all our teachers for motivating and inspiring us to read more and write more to reach the zenith of success. Not to forget the best place of the lush -green campus -'The library' with its variety of Harvard Business Review Issues, 'Statistics and Maths for Economics' ,newspapers and magazines .

Henceforth, you will be hearing more from me . Happy reading.
Meghali Sen
PGDM Batch 2019-21

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