Outbound Leadership Practicum

Development of leadership skills and perspective is an important aspect of the PGDM Programme at Calcutta Business School. Therefore, an Outbound Leadership Practicum is organized every year for second year students to give students an exposure to a variety of leadership and team oriented tasks and exercises.

Outbound leadership Practicums instill the following factors in students

  • Build trust factor. To Keep calm in face of adversity , to build confidence and lead from the front and maintain a high morale. 
  • Improve self understanding, eradicate selective listening, conflict resolution.
  • Importance of thinking outside the box. 
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude 
  • Importance of being honest, ethical and agile. 
  • Importance of effective communication.
  • Inspire the team to see the vision of success. 
  • Negotiating with uncertainty.
  • Team Bonding - comradeship & fellow feeling.

In 2019, students were taken to Ayodhya Pahar, Purulia who stayed in a camp to get a taste of this Outbound Leadership Practicum

In 2018, students were taken to Chibo, near Kalimpong for Outbound Leadership Practicum

In 2017, students were taken to Manali in Himachal Pradesh to get the feel of this experiential learning called Outbound leadership Practicum