Outbound Leadership Practicum in the Himalayas

Development of leadership skills and perspective is an important aspect of the PGDM Programme at Calcutta Business School. Though this subject is covered in the compulsory courses offered by the Organizational Behaviour and Human Recourse Management Area of CBS, it was felt that the classroom based courses help students understand the concepts but do not do justice to the development of leadership skills and perspective adequately. It was felt that the students would be able to develop such skills to some extent through an experiential -learning programme that posed different kinds of challenges in an outdoor setting. We therefore developed an Outbound Leadership Practicum in the Himalayas to give the students an exposure to a variety of a leadership and team oriented tasks and exercises. This practicum was organized at Manali in Himachal Pradesh in a forested area that allowed the students to undertake a variety of adventure related tasks and activities that had several objectives like developing:

  • Decision making skills, especially in difficult situations,
  • Ability to evaluate alternatives,
  • Out of box thinking ability,
  • Team management and communication skills,
  • Self-confidence,
  • Goal setting ability,
  • Ability to keep calm in adverse and uncertain situations, etc.
  • Survival skills
  • Self-awareness and an awareness about the natural environment.