Programme Overview

Calcutta Business School, one of the top business schools in Kolkata, offers an AICTE approved PGDM program equivalent to an MBA. This program is offered from CBS’ campus at Bishnupur near Kolkata. CBS has recently been ranked amongst the top B-Schools in Kolkata and is among the very few PGDM colleges in India to offer its students the opportunity to pursue a dual specialisation during their PGDM degree.

Why Go For A Management Education?

The global economic recession of 2008-09 reduced the number of job opportunities available to fresh management graduates to a great extent. As an afterthought, serious concerns were raised regarding the viability and utility of pursuing a management education within the country. Although, the economic scenario is changing now with the job market slowly crawling back to normalcy, concerns regarding the value of a management education still remain. So the question, ‘Why do an PGDM?’ is still very much a relevant and worthwhile topic to ponder upon.

PGDM Is Still The Most Sought After Qualification For A Corporate Job

PGDM is still by far the most common denominator for being qualified for a job that requires dealing with multitudes of organizational functions - there may be certain exceptions to this, especially in core sector industries such as steel, cement, and infrastructure. However, even in these industries, preference is given to people with a PGDM degree for senior management positions across any function. Even when it comes to filling leadership positions across rapidly developing service sectors such as Banking and Financial Services or Retail and Telecommunications, a PGDM still happens to be an extremely good qualification.

PGDM graduates are better equipped to understand business methods

The PGDM degree is given preference over all other qualifications across corporate jobs because the degree holders are truly known to understand the business methods like none other. The acquired skill is seen as a crucial key to one’s survival across industry domain that one could possibly think of.

Functions such as Marketing, Human Resource Management and Financial Management are critical to any organization’s survival. However, this should not mean that the functions of Production and Operations are any less important. Even the domain of Finance requires a huge influx of PGDM graduates as there is a shortage of CAs to fill he huge void of finance professionals across the country.

PGDM syllabus instills self-confidence

An appropriate PGDM curriculum is one that helps to develop self-confidence in oneself, which also happens to be the key to individual success - without confidence, competencies and skills may fail miserably. In the corporate world in which everyone is continuously fighting for his own survival through various tactics, a big dose of self-belief and self-confidence can help one see through an endless barrage of challenges.

In a good classroom, students are encouraged to compete with one another in a healthy atmosphere. They are required to make presentations in front of other students while making convincing arguments to “sell” their products, concepts or solutions illustratively. Similarly, A good management education consistently hones student's communication skills through a series of presentations, seminars and activities.

A PGDM degree helps to develop teamwork and communication skills

Survival in a corporate job necessitates an ability to work in a small or big teams. A good PGDM curriculum helps student to work with diverse study groups. Such study groups typically consist of students assorted out of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Working across such diverse study groups for almost two years sharpens a student’s team-working abilities. This is because working in a team requires one to be understanding of others while being sensitive to their opinions and mindsets. It also teaches students to resolve conflicts without putting anybody down while forming a camaraderie with one and all.

Expand your horizon with a PGDM degree

A properly developed PGDM curriculum helps expand a student’s perspective of socio-economic situation. They are also able to recognize as to how any or all of the above mentioned factors could possibly influence an organization’s business decisions. A well-rounded syllabi is one that skillfully hones a student’s analytical and logical reasoning talents into sound decision making abilities.

All career avenues – including some of the most lucrative ones – are known to involve risks of some kind or the other. PGDM, however, is one qualification that can certainly minimize one’s educational investment risks to a considerable extent. That being said, the final decision of opting for the degree solely depends upon the prospective students’ interests, aptitude and personality. So we would urge you to research upon the true value of a PGDM degree and make your educational decision wisely!

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