Placement Report

Class of 2017 (Batch 2015 – 2017)

The Career Development, Placement and Corporate Relations (CDPCR) Department at the Calcutta Business School (CBS) is a bridge between the Corporate/Industry fraternities and the School; existing mainly for facilitating Corporates / Industry in strategic hiring and the School in providing the necessary career guidance and opportunities to its students.

The Office of CDPCR works throughout the year in building relationships with Corporates and Industry professionals from across different sectors.

CDPCR is also engaged in advising students on industry internships and final placements and organizing training and industry interactions through industry guest speakers.

CDPCR continually organizes visits and interactions with industry personnel for making them (the industry personnel) aware of the competencies and backgrounds of all students graduating from the Calcutta Business School in order to assist students in securing placements across national and international settings.

Class of 2017 (Batch 2015 – 2017)

Industry Partners

CBS is committed towards shaping their students into noteworthy business leaders. With this objective in mind, all of CBS’ students are made to participate in different business activities and projects on a continual basis.

CBS regularly organizes talks by industry experts as a part of their “Industry Connect” program.

The academic quality of CBS’ PGDM program is demonstrated by their achieving 100% placements success each year and the elite list of companies that visit their campus all the time.

CBS expresses their gratitude towards all companies imposing their faith in CBS’ students and looks forward to the industry’s continued support in the future as well.

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