3D Printing: The future of manufacturing.

Science is developing at an extremely fast phase. The present generation is all about being fast, economical and reliable. With this continuous changing world, human needs are also changing. To serve these changing needs, we need a manufacturing unit that can lower the differentiation between expectation and reality. The operations management is all about minimizing the loopholes in traditional manufacturing units. The newly emerged unit of manufacturing is 3 D printing. Imagine getting every requirement of ours being delivered on door steps within minutes. That is what the scientists have targeted.

Automobile is a huge revenue generating sector if we talk about global economy. A number of spare parts have been making trans-movement across nations. For example, India imports a number of spare parts from USA and China. What if we can generate our own designed accessories? With 3D printing, automobile sector will have an entire shift in mechanism. The companies can even design a car model with this innovation. It would be faster and economical approach replacing traditional methods and fetching more revenue. ISRO is one of the greatest organizations which have been making continuous strides in space missions. There are various components attached, while designing a spacecraft. 3D printing shall help in conceptualizing a model which shall also contribute to cost saving. India is planning to have its own Space Station in near future. 3 D printing if implemented soon in India shall give various options for the mission, also enhancing the rank of India in Science and Technology globally.

If we talk about fashion industry, everything launched today would soon be yesterday. To cater to these needs, technology enhancement shall contribute positively. Various designs can be implemented, enriching the skills of designers and artists. The concept of everything that mind can perceive being achievable will prove more realistic. 3D printing is being implemented in jewelry designing sectors in western countries. Accessories designing are also being implemented by this innovation. Recently, Adidas launched its first 3D printed shoes. The benefits of 3D printing does not only end in manufacturing units. Individuals in Western part of the world are also experimenting by designing their daily needs at home.

The most important sector that will soon benefit from this giant technology is the medical and health care sector. During early 2019, scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel designed a 3D printed human heart by using human vessels and cells. The Israeli media mentioned it as the “World’s first” human organ design by mankind. Now, with research we can believe that organ transplantation will become economical and readily available. The research can be extended onto designing kidneys, heart, eyes, and bones possibly even brains saving millions of lives worldwide.

The implementation of 3D printing shall limit the growth of pollution producing industries and also save cost on infrastructure. It would therefore be beneficial for the state of environment worldwide. There are various other sectors where 3D printing can be extended gradually and making the world a better place.

Shalini Singh

PGDM Batch 2019-21

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