Awards, recognitions and prizes galore in Calcutta Business School

Calcutta Business School, one of the best colleges offering PGDM in Kolkata, always encourages talent and inspires students to excel in every sphere. To encourage creativity, professors of marketing encouraged students of Marketing specialization to design posters on the topic ‘Consumer perception of a good B School and positioning Calcutta Business School.’ The class was divided into groups and each group made posters as per their creative level. In the end, 5 posters were selected by the faculty council and found suitable for commercial branding of Calcutta Business School. The winners were felicitated and suitably rewarded.

Strategic Management is a unique course offered by Calcutta Business School, ranked 4th best B School in Kolkata by careers 360. Students of Strategic Management are required to do a project as part of their course curriculum. The class was divided into teams and each team was allowed to choose a company and do research on them. Based on their research, they submitted a project report. 2 teams were selected as winners. They chose Tata Motors Ltd and Bajaj Auto Ltd for their project and did a thorough research on them. Both the teams were felicitated and awarded certificates of merit.