Program Objectives

Calcutta Business School offers an AICTE approved 2 year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

"The 2 year Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme of Calcutta Business School has been granted provisional accreditation by NBA for two years, i.e. 2016-17 & 2017-18. Students who graduate during the validity period of accreditation, will be deemed to have graduated with an NBA accredited degree."

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The objective of the 2 year full-time PGDM program is to train and nurture students as excellent and effective managers and leaders of tomorrow.

The program considers management as an integrated process which helps students develop a global perspective and respond effectively to the changes in the economic, technological, cultural, political and social environment.

Areas of Specialisation

The programme has a 2-tier structure. The first year is committed to develop the business fundamentals through compulsory courses spanning over different areas of management studies.

Students are required to specialise in two of these clusters by selecting courses equivalent to 18 credits in each of the chosen clusters.

  • Economics, Banking and Advanced Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management and Leadership

Students are required to specialise in two of the above clusters. The chosen clusters should result in 18 credits each.

There are 3 compulsory subjects that students have to take in the second year, which are:

  • Creating and Managing New Ventures
  • Critical Analysis of Organization - Workshop
  • International Management