How lovely it is to be in my little provincial town-no worries, rigmaroles, just  to seek the summer sun, slowly fading into the rainy season .I wake up everday in an empty town ravaged by the pandemic. As people say,  is the Earth speaking to us, punishing us for our greed..Today, when I am lost in a plethora of topics to write about the pandemic I decided to write a letter to me, when I was 19, which was good five years back . Just when things like positive case counts, economy crashes, sketching of hotspot zones, deaths and a whirlpool of topics hovering  in our minds I tried to talk to my 19-year old self, since each day we are losing out on things . I tried to remind myse how a 19 –year old would have felt indoors. This took me to the “Letters from a Father to His Daughter “ by Jawaharlal Nehru from prison .Well,home is never be a prison but this quarantine surely is ,though for a common good cause.Stuck at this age, writing a letter to a 19- year old just like Nehru told Indira “……let us make friends with the sun and work in the light…….”


19-year old self

I will not  be the boat that braves the wind to save you. Remember nothing above water looks like drowning.I have so many more letters to write to you,watch you build social and economic empires. Instead of anticipating the sense of an ending ,taste the words ,music,situations and the silence of the economy .Over a period of few difficult days affecting our family and friends,find out the tangible and intangible sides to the quarantine,a woman cooking dinner with the city ,country and the state and raising up hands to responsibilities of reading ,writing,watching good movies,self-study .Let every morning be as if sitting in a bungalow ,with a manicured garden , and the newspaper turned to page 5 on your hand .Now that you cannot jump and taste the mud of the puddles on your last teen age ,why not have an ornamented space interrupted with nothing but more space.Why not make yourself aware of Abhijit Banerjee’s articles,Haidelin’s podcasts on machine learning,movies like “Contagion”,” The spy”, “Parasite” if you have not already started binge watching your Harry Potter series or Sherlock Holmes for the n-th time.

                                Ending the letter with a note that nothing teaches you more about what you are made of more than the silent supply chain of hostility ,space and insulation.



Quarantine :Day 25

Now that the letter is read,you have kept aside few minutes where  you thought there is a silver lining to all these,but then again it is  human nature to panic ,to act with short sightedness,and thus posing a threat to our minds and souls. I hope this small letter of hope is what I would call it ,brought  you the tangerine hues of summer in your minds.

You shall overcome this storm.

Meghali Sen
Batch 2019-21