Quiz at Bengal Club 2020 sponsored by National Insurance.

An Annual Open Quiz was held at The Bengal Club, Park Street on 22.2.2020  in association with National Insurance Corporation of India with Mr Krishnendu Banik , as the  Quiz master . 

Our student team from Calcutta Business School had  -Meghali Sen, Vishalaaaditya Kundu and Ankur Das as part of the prestigious quiz. 

Being  the only student team of a Business School amidst famous established quizzing teams like -The Answering Service, The Maharatna Tigers, The Lateral Thinkers and others, it was a great platform to expose ourselves to a Quiz that promoted the blend of Active Learning and Discussion. Although  we did not make it to the Mains, but performed well in the Prelims and missed it by a snitch . It was a great experience for us to have participated in such a prestigious event.

As said by  one of the participating teams," being able to choose topics of interest, taking part in answering random questions, watching the famous quizzers compete for the prize was indeed a great opportunity’ as  PGDM pursuing students. " 

The students were  provided with refreshments . Such events give us the opportunity  to assess our knowledge as well as take up unique challenges. Here are a  few snapshots from the event.

Famous Quiz Master, Krishnendu Banik