Robotics: An innovation by mankind.

With the given hype of transformation in technology in order to make life easier, the Scientists, Researchers and Engineers have made technological advancements remarkably. The constant hunger to explore various aspects and to postulate theories have given boon to the present technology. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality no stone has been unturned. Lately, robotics has emerged as another milestone whose complexity has regarded it to be a separate branch of Science.

The growing need to make mechanical work in industries especially assembly line has led to the development of robotic arm. For instance, in automobile industries we see different parts of a car being manufactured in different units which further gets assembled all together. This is now done by a robotic arm giving us the desired output. The whole process of assembling merely takes minutes which earlier took days with human aid. For various food processing industries, it is much easier now to process raw materials and pass through subsequent stages till packaging units in order to have finished product delivered to customers hassle free through these robotic arms. Amul the leading dairy producer in India manufactures around 4-5T Litre of UHT and other value added stuff per day to fetch its demand which is growing continuously at 25%. How is his feat achieved? The tonnes of raw material processed in limited time and further processing in subsequent stages is handled by the application of robotics. Though these robots require human intervention and maintenance, but it is on a very limited scale and the results are astounding. The output generated with robotics aid is unmatched. This newly emerged branch of Science have impacted construction sector too. The skyscrapers and building public utility areas require bulky construction material to be transported and even lifted at heights which are beyond human capability, and here robotics come handy again. The handling of heavy cargos on ships in ports which handle huge amount of export and import for a nation is not possible by mere human labour. The movement of heavy cargos, a basic necessity in ports is solely handled by careful designed robotic equipment now which save time and labour tremendously.

Robotics indeed has transformed the mankind over past decade. Efforts are being made in order to expand its horizons to higher level. Nowadays a number of firms are coming up with humanoids robots which replicate human behavior. The highly recognized Sophia a social humanoid developed by Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics generate more than fifty facial expressions and is designed to grow intelligent with every human conversation. She has turned out to be the first robot to receive citizenship of a country i.e. Saudi Arabia and significantly the first non human to be conferred a United Nations title “World’s first innovation champion”. The intention to develop these humanoids is to encourage socialism and fruitful human interaction. The artificial intelligence enables them to capture virtual data, process conversation and gradually improve its understanding of humans. Their caliber to upgrade their intelligence and promote hassle free interaction with humans shall be beneficial in their employment in soft skill services. Robotics seems to be a reservoir of which various fundamentals still remain unexplored. A number of robots have been introduced to serve different purposes and many more are yet under development. I, as student of Calcutta Business School is keen on this subject and try to read as much as I can , since I know this is the future.

Shalini Singh
PGDM Batch 2019-21

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