Problem with India’s schools

Every year the Annual status of education report brings the sad news that most of the students in class v cannot read a paragraph or  a student of class II is unable to do a basic sum. India’s children rank 73 among 74 countries in the international PISA test. Between 2011 and 2015 enrolment in government schools fell by 1.1 crore and rose in private schools by 1.6 crore according to government data. According to this, there is a need of 130000 private schools in 2020. For an honest person to open a school it requires 30-45 permissions depending on the state. Essentiality a  certificate which proves that a school is needed is the most difficult to get. Another thing is when the government realized that state schools were failing it asked private schools to reserve 25% seats for the poor. Since the state governments did not compensate for the reserved students, as a result, the fees of the 75% students went up. In 2015 the HRD Ministry advised schools to use only NCERT books published by government. The problem is “only NCERT” books will deprive  indian students from learning many things. Most of the high performing education systems in Asia have moved in the opposite direction. China moved away from a national textbook policy in 1980s. But states like Delhi under the AAP government has done remarkable job in improving the quality of government schools. Students who used to study in private schools are coming to government schools because their private schools inspite of charging high fees did not provide quality education. Today’s election results of Delhi can also be a result of this. Tahe Budget presented on 2020 talked about huge allocation in the education sector and also FDI in the education sector. Let’s see what happens in the years to come. India will be the youngest country in the world in the coming years so if we can improve the standard of schools in our country we can easily become a superpower.  I as a student of Calcutta Business School, would like to see education for all children in the coming years.

Soumya  Bhattacharya

PGDM Batch 2019-21