Seventh Convocation

Sunday, 9th December, 2018
Arrival of Chief Guest, BoG Members, Trustees, Dignitaries and Guests at Calcutta Business School 11.15 am
Lunch 11.30 am To 12.30 pm
Wearing of Gowns 12.30 pm To 1.15 pm
Convocation Procession 1.15 pm To 1.35 pm
Lighting of Lamp and Invocation Song 1.40 pm To 1.45 pm
Opening address by Chairman-BoG, CBS 1.45 pm To 1.55 pm
Presentation of Annual Report by Director 1.55 pm To 2.15 pm
Award of Diplomas to outgoing PGDM students by Chairman, BoG 2.15 pm To 3.15 pm
Award of Prizes to outgoing PGDM students by Chief Guest 3.15 pm To 3.45 pm
Convocation Address by Chief Guest 3.45 pm To 4.15 pm
Convocation to be declared closed by Chairman, BoG 4.15 pm
National Anthem 4.20 pm - 4.25 pm
Return of the Convocation Procession 4.25 pm - 4.35 pm
Announcement of Hi-Tea 4.40 pm