Growing up

You are grown up!! It’s upon you, how you want to lead your life. But remember, you have to always listen to what we say. We are your parents and we know what’s good for you.

Quite ironic, isn’t it?

A teenager is anticipated to act like an adult but is still treated like a child. It’s an age when we love to take up all the decisions and want to fly out of the cocoon. We hate being bonded by parental caring and want to explore the world all by ourselves. It’s a crucial stage of life when we experience changes, mentally as well as physically. These changes could be scary for few of us but, it’s an incredible journey towards a better version of us.

Teenage years are full of exploration, excitement and absurdness too. We make blunders knowing what’s good and bad from parental advice, but many of us love to give every possible thing a try no matter how absurd it may sound. We learn from our fallacies which transform us in a better way. Emotions are one of the things that are at its peak at this tender age. As a teenager, we may feel high and low which is normal. Our life changes, just like our body. These mood swings are not just hormones – we feel a lot more pressure these days, and we are still developing the skills we need to deal with it. We face added responsibilities at home, tougher grading policies in school and the atrocities of the nasty world. We tend to feel carefree at times and cherish the life to our fullest, but the next moment we have a daunting thought of the reality. The budding mind is eager to experience everything. Some of us indulge in abominable activities like alcohol/drugs consumption which leads to a terrible impact on us and our closed ones. A teenager must be matured enough to handle the peer pressure. Few of us experience bullying on social networking sites or from our classmates, which lowers our self-esteem and may turn us into an introvert.

Relationships!! Matter the most. Relationships with parents, friends and confidants can be rewarding and also frustrating. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we experience betrayal from our friends or significant others leaving us devastated and miserable. We tend to believe that the world is mean, nasty and nobody is trustworthy. Well, it’s an important phase for us to discover ourselves and make us stronger enough to cope up with upcoming hurdles. As time heals our wounds, we forgive our depressing past and move towards the promising future.

On a personal note, teenage years are theoretically regarded as age in the range of thirteen to nineteen but, I believe that, “that teenage feeling” persists for quite some time and I as a student of Calcutta Business School, still go through a lot of these ‘teenage feelings’. Anyways, life is meant to be a school and one must learn and grow no matter what the age is.

Shalini Singh

PGDM 2019-2021

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