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In an attempt to unveil the talent of women entrepreneurs and focussing on new avenues of profession, today I am writing this blog on the National Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2018.

Shruthi Reddy, the National Entrepreneurship Award 2018 winner has come up with distinctive and first of its kind humanitarian service provider in Kolkata. A 2006 B-tech graduate, Shruthi Reddy, initially worked in an IT company in Bengaluru as a junior programmer. In 2011 she moved to Hyderabad with another job. The bumpy and potholed journey that began with the transfer of Shruthi’s husband to Kolkata, directed her towards kicking off her own start up. She had the idiosyncratic idea of delivering well organized and efficient post demise packages to the society at reasonable cost. The seed of this idea started budding in her mind when she saw her husband struggling during the demise of his maternal grandfather. Finally, in 2016 she came up with Anthyesti Funeral Services Pvt. Ltd. This funeral service provider has it all planned and as soon as the company receives the news of a death over a call, they arrange for a hearse van. The company, thereafter, helps the family of the deceased to acquire death certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Pre-death package is also assured to clients, in case something happens to them suddenly. In this regard, complete legality is followed and legal agreements are prepared and vetted. These services range from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 1 lac.

Initially when Shruthi disclosed the idea of setting up a company that would provide crematorium and funeral services she had the full-fledged support of her husband. But her mother was perturbed and equally dissatisfied with the thought of her daughter providing what she could describe as “mortifying and ignominious” service. Women to penetrate and thrive in a male dominated sector is yet “a challenging task”.

Anthyesti provides services which starts from embalming human remains till the conclusion of all rituals. Shruthi, in order to gain knowledge of the market and costs, used to visit crematoriums, started finding out the number of deaths every day, and charges for hearse vans, mortuaries and priests. The company is presently listed on Just Dial and has a turnover of 16 lacs. The company gained popularity through word-of-mouth publicity and there has been no breakthrough moment.

Shruthi claims Anthyesti is filling a much-needed gap. “Death is a crucial part of life and it needs to be served with professionalism, poise and dignity” that is what the mother of a 6-year-old has to say.

I as a student of PGDM in Calcutta Business School often think of various start ups and found this interesting.

Kanchan Sharma

Batch 2019-21

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