The Greatest Dilemma Of A Student

Someone said it right, “Being a Student is not easy”.

So long we were holding a soft grudge against authorities for not giving us a day off and now that we have 3 months off we are getting frustrated even with that. What exactly do we need??? Let it remain an unsolved mystery…… We have been wanting an off  so that we could do some of our personal work and now we are eating the brains that WHAT SHOULD WE DO???? Ah!!!! Isn’t this beautifully weird.

Let me share my tragedy.  I have been struggling so long to get a paid internship  and now that I have it, it got cancelled. How should I  curse Mr. COVID-19?? Well there’s a bright side of this lockdown as well. For the first time we got tired of Facebook, Instagram, PUBG. Surprisingly for the last few days my hands unknowingly reached my study desk. Even I was shocked.

For some of us who are busy turning their idle minds in to a devil’s workshop, the rest might have discovered their undiscovered  skills and talents due to this lockdown which were dormant all these years. There’s a lot many ways to utilize this period rather than lamenting over it.

No matter how much we spent time in social media or in video chat, the excitement and the fun of the physical presence of the group in the canteen and in the tea stall outside campus still remains supreme.Scolding of our professors ….the tension of presentations….sarcasms of our friends is what actually keeps us alive. Our life got entangled with PPT presentations, seminars(few were painful), assignments(though we hardly enjoyed them  before the lockdown) and that is how I see my life now.

I can’t wait to see my friends, my sweet n spicy professors, strict security dadas, kind canteen kaku and every other stakeholder….

SEE YOU SOON till then STAY SAFE,……..

Anubhav Das
Batch 2019-21