The Lockdown as I see it

I can vividly recall the day when respected CM of West Bengal declared that academic institutions in Bengal would remain closed from 16th Mar’20 to 31st Mar’20. What a sigh of relief did I get that day! How often and habitually do we swing into repetitive phrases like “I NEED A BREAK’’, “I WANT TO BREAK OFF”, “I FEEL LIKE STAYING AT HOME” and the likes. For me it was like a dream come true. However, the fiscal year end was also approaching and I along with my friends were piled up with loads of work. 

However, soon  I realised it was less of a vacation and more of isolation. The situation that followed brought the entire population of India, within the 4 walls of their home. It was the time when Italy was facing massive and rapid loss of its population. A complete lockdown was the need of the hour for India with only the essential services operating. The initial days of shutdown were full of boredom but I believe all of us got accustomed to it slowly as it takes 21 days for humans to form a habit. We moulded our lifestyle to fit into the quarantined box. Life has been soporific and monotonous. The concern of our loved ones also kept us perturbed all through the day. Many of them have been stuck at various places of work or study. But its better to meet them late than to meet them unsafe. 

Hey, I hope you all have noticed the clear sky we get to see these days. This is all because of the minimal number of vehicles on the road. At times I sit and wonder, what mankind has done to our mother Earth. Seems like they snatched its beauty and given it an altogether decrepit face. Now a days the sky seems so clear, the stars are so prominent and so are the thunderstorms. We are actually breathing in pure air and living in an indeed healthy environment, a phrase we started associating more with textbooks. 

 This quarantine has brought a few  little changes in our surroundings. We are helping people who are in dire need of essentials, showing sympathy to animals and feeding them if one can, we are more compassionate and trying doing things we have been thinking of since long. If even during the quarantine we are not able to finish off our long pending work or come out with something productive,  well friends, then we lack discipline and not time.

Last but not the least, let us take a while and thank the doctors, nurses, policemen and all those who have shown untiring dedication during this period of shutdown and served mankind selflessly. Let us not forget that they too have a family back at home and are enduring all risks and discomforts just to keep us safe and alive. 

I wish all of us come out of this quarantine healthy and happy.

Kanchan Sharma
Calcutta Business School, Batch 2019-21